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We have THE most innovative solution for all your tracking problems. With our system your ad & analytics platform gets back the data it needs to run your ads profitably.

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Individual Solutions

We tailor every tracking system to your needs. Which means we adapt to the technical conditions of your website. Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect tracking plan and implement it for your website or store, no matter how complicated or simple it is!

Years Of Tracking Experience

We have been in the digital marketing, web analytics and web development business for more than 8 years. You can count on us to never miss a trick, no matter what the topic. Your tracking setup is in the best hands with us.

Holistic approach

We have developed dozens of custom solutions for server-side tracking over the past few years and have worked with many different companies. No matter what challenge you have we have the solution for you.

Why your current setup is not future-proofed

Adblockers & browsers increasingly make it difficult for advertisers to target users. This is why client-side tracking is not future-proofed:

❌ Adblockers and ITP (Intelligent Tracking Protection) hinder data collection, thus reducing data quality

❌ Data security concerns limit the kind of data that can be collected

❌ Lack of data ownership

❌ Impedes site performance

Take post IOS14 tracking to the next level

Switch to enhanced server-side tracking now

Server-side tracking allows the data to be sent and received from the user’s browser to your own web server first, before it is transferred anywhere else.

Adding an additional layer (the server) between your website and your data collection platform, such as Google Analytics or Facebook, allows for greater security and control.

Our TrackingOS

Our experience and numbers speak for themselves.

70 %
of user trackable
1 +
Years Expierence
- 45 %
Average CPA
203400 +
Conversions saved


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  1. We analyze your current setup in a free consultancy meeting and explain everything about our system and how it can work in your specific case.
  2. After signing the contract we have an onboarding call with you in which we go through all the details once again.
  3. We start our work and implement our system directly tailored to you.
  4. As soon as our work is finished, there will be a handover call in which we will explain everything else to you and hand everything over to you.
  5. Instantly after the handover call you will be able to see 98% of the users on your website again! 100% legal and DSGVO compliant!

Definitely! We have already implemented our system in the following store systems: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware, JTL. Nevertheless, we are also able to implement our server-side tracking system for every store. 100% tailored to your needs.

With server-side tracking, user data is first sent to your own web server before being transmitted elsewhere. Specifically, this means that the server acts as an additional layer between your website and the tracking tool. Thanks to this method, more security and control over the data can again be ensured when tracking and transmitting it.

If you want to understand exactly how this works, book a free call with us!

Yes, by always passing the data through your own web server before passing it on to a third party, it is possible to bypass IOS 14’s intelligent tracking prevention and ad blockers.

No. Our work is done directly in your backend and will also be directly visible in e.g. Facebook itself. This means you have no other tool in the media buying process and can take all the data from Facebook as usual. It is important that the data is fed back to Facebook itself, so that the algorithm of Facebook can play your ads better and better. An overview in another tool, where simply more data is visible again, unfortunately does not bring Facebook any added value, which is also the reason why the common expensive third-party solutions only solve the problem to a limited extent!

After our work is done it 24h for the setup to populate the first data. So, as soon as your campaigns are on and you spend advertising budget, the system works and shows you all the data again as it should!

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£ 299
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